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Automatic Tire Tread Rubber Composition with ...    FLEXI - PACK

Automatic De-Palletizing of rubber blocks

- Unique gripping tool for rubber blocks

- Height compensation by means of a floating attachment.

- Optional Search function :

o Automatic Positional search on the pallet.

o Height detection of the rubber block on the pallet.


Automatic Removal of empty pallets

- Unique gripping tool for empty pallets

- Optional palletizing function :

o Pallets can be stapled on the work floor and evacuated manually.

o Pallet can be stapled on a conveyor system and evacuated automatically.


Implantation according to factory layout

- Flexible implantation of the in- and out feed conveyors.

- Formation table according to composition.


Easy Interfacing

- Indication for

o Access to the robot cell

o Loading of pallets with rubber blocks

o Evacuation of empty pallets.

- Parameterization of the pallets on the conveyor.

o Plastic or wood pallets

o Automatic search of rubber blocks

o Orientation of the pallet

o Actual load on the pallet

- Parameterization of the blocks on the formation table.

- Control actions of the robot starting from the HMI.

- Actual Alarms and Historic Alarms

- Manual operation of every component. 


Support & Maintenance

- Support of the robotic cell by means of an industrial network or via SIM Card.