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Students build test- and demonstration robotcel.

Following a thesis of 2019, this year Emile V. and Gilles D. took the opportunity to further develop the robotcell.
In addition to the existing Asycube240 and meca500, they added to the cell:

  • Smart camera (Omron)
  • Second robot (meca500)
  • Track (Festo)


To make all this work together, the design of the robot cell has also been thoroughly modified.

For demonstration purposes, the robot cell is constructed as a closed loop of 2 cells:

- 1 meca500 on a carriage, possible applications

     - Stock management

          o   Insertion of different components in a line

          o   Act as an intermediate buffer by storing arranged components on a plate

     - Operate various machines due to its extensive range.

- 1 asycube 240 with mecademic and Omron camera

     - Feeding of production lines

          o   Direct introduction of components into a production line

          o   Filling of buffer plates for several machines

     - Sorting out different components


Thanks to their efforts, customers can easily perform cycle tests and observe their potential installation.


Testimonial Gilles

I found the thesis at Axymatic a very rewarding and especially pleasant experience. In a short period of time you come into direct contact with the world of industry and quickly learn how to deal with it. I found the experience both fascinating and exciting because you get a big responsibility that you don't experience at school. You come into contact with engineers from other companies as well as employees at Axymatic itself. This will give you a good idea of how things really are going. In doing so, you see theoretical work really come into being and you see that knowledge can be converted into reality by you. I found the staff at Axymatic very sympathetic and was always willing to help you when you needed help. I would also like to thank Axymatic for trusting us as a student, and of course for making everything possible that was realized.


Testimonial Emile

Working at Axymatic was a relief in every way. It was turning theory into practice, like no practical lesson could. Being allowed to work on the thesis on the spot at Axymatic felt more like a form of relaxation than work. This was partly due to the guidance, responsibility and freedom we were given. Everyone, technician, salesman, project planner, programmer, mechanical expert assisted us with advice and deed. Learning from people in the field expanded my knowledge enormously. Axymatic expanded my knowledge not only in the field of technology, but also in the field of working methods. Furthermore, they taught me to communicate both internally and externally in a businesslike and direct way. All this made me a better engineer. I would especially like to thank the Axymatic staff for the time and resources they put into our project. This without putting any pressure on us and in an honest but critical way to give our project a push.


Thank you Gilles and Emile for your work and effort!