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 Low-voltage electrical cabinets, control cabinets, connection boxes 
 and operator panels for our 
automation solutions or as stand allone
 supply are manufactured in-house.

 We use components of renowned OEM’s, like: Siemens, PILZ, Rittal, 
 Sarel, Vinckier, Télémécanique, Merlin Gerin, Sick, Omron, Turck,
 Phoenix Contact, Wago, Murr, Lapp, … . All assemblies are pre-tested
  in on production ground prior to delivery into the field.

The complete electrical design for our automation solutions is made in-
 house, using 
the leading electrical CAE package Eplan. Each project
 comprises at least cabinet layouts, electrical schemes, terminal and 
 cabling lists as well as the technical data.